But it is cheaper online

Travel agents were supposed to go out of business with the advent of online travel booking. While many felt the pinch, agencies are still thriving. So in this day and age what compels people to book through an agents. 1- Convenience is always a factor, online or other there is work required to find best flights and prices. An agent can work diligently finding the best one for you. 2- Fares can sometimes be cheaper at an agent, airlines sells tickets by blocks you can never guess where the best deals come from. 3 - Experience can be a factor as well, there are many factors like classes, fare bargains and all that can average use might not understand. 4- Voice of sanity is required as well. A customer of mine found a flight online which was scheduled to depart at 2:00 am. After explaining why we omitted that option he was all thankful.